A Financial Healthcheck for the New Year

To kick off 2017 Nicholas, our Independent Financial Adviser, discussed the importance of regularly reviewing your finances.

In addition to reminding yourself of your short- and medium-term goals it is important to regularly check that any steps that you have made towards these are still relevant and appropriate for your needs today. Nicholas focused our attention by asking a few key questions:

  • How would a period of ill-health affect you/your family?
  • Are you taking an appropriate level of risk with your investments?
  • How competitive is your current mortgage arrangement?
  • How much will you need/want to live on when you stop working? Are you on track to achieve this?

Nicholas offers an initial consultation free of charge, and focuses on ensuring that he adds value to his clients. To contact Nicholas directly, please call 07812 049031 or email nicholas@pentagonp.co.uk