Chair Person

Sara Biddle


Sara Biddle

Telephone: 07488 280 178

My role as the chair is to ensure that the meeting runs smoothly and to time. Collate all the activities and presentations of the club. On an ad hock basis, I share and bring experience on business techniques and practices.

I am a professional with extensive business experience and a proven record of accomplishment in my work. I am a confident communicator with the ability to motivate people and teams, build strong relationships with people, clients and colleagues and work well at all levels of skill and expertise.


Weekly Agenda

7am the meeting starts

Networking with each other and guests.




Our chair welcomes everyone, visitors and invites members for names to be included in “My Shout”


Give a 60 second presentation of their Business


Visitors are introduced to the meeting by their host and allowed the opportunity to give us up to a

minute to about their business.

Business focus

One member each week has a maximum of 15 minutes to give an expanded presentation of their business or subject of interest.

 My Shout

Members have the chance to publicise any special events or promotions and local news.

Close 8.30am