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Kimmy Spreadborough

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Kool Webs are a skillful team of web designers. Specialising in Small business, community sites, content managed sites and custom database back office suites.

We create content management systems (editable webpages) ideal for changing price lists, newsletters and bulletin boards. We use WordPress for those who like some to total control.
Visit some of our customers sites and read testimonials.
We make, high ranking, high performing, Unique, Flexible, extensible and Organic web sites.


“I have been working with Kimmy for several months and I can honestly say she is one of the best web designers and internet technicians I have ever known. Her unique quality is not just her skill but her ability to teach computers skills to even complete novices like me.

Most people in this profession might know their trade but are useless at putting it over. Kimmy is completely different. An experienced teacher and trainer she has used her previous profession to impart knowledge in a simple way. Kimmy never gets frustrated if you are struggling and will give you as much help as you need. I cannot recommend her more highly.”

Peter Bull MBE ( Get in touch books series

Bob Spreadborough – Web developer – Technologies

Kimmy Spreadborough – Web Artist – Design- Training

Complete Service Providing:
Site Design and build
Domain & Hosting – your internet name and where your website will reside
WordPress – a platform for flexible website building
HTML5 – latest coding
Animation – created for unique commissions
Ecommerce – selling products on your website
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) – protecting you and your website users
Google Workspace – an area to run your business from
Email Management – Through Google workspace
Marketing – Advice and support to get you going
Google baiting – build your site with Google in mind

Drive reviews to your platforms with Koolwebs https://thumbs-up-reviews.co.uk/ system. Set up to build your online presence

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